Jobs Bidding

If you are interested in bidding on one of our projects please email us and request an Invitation to Bid. If your company is not already registered with us, please click here.

Send bids and Invitation to Bid requests to Please do not send bids to multiple email addresses.

All times are Eastern Standard Time

Wal-Mart #2348-276 Remodel

Charleston, SC

139,106 SF

Bids due: 10-2-23 by 1 pm

Spinx #317 Fuel Station & Car Wash

Mt. Pleasant, SC

Store 6,144 SF; Car Wash 2,800 SF

Bids due: 10-12-23 by 2 pm

Frito-Lay Product Exchange Center

Frankin, NC

5,642 SF

Bids due: 10-5-23 by 2 pm

Parker’s #125 (Windsor Spring)

Hephzibah, GA

3,790 SF

Bids due: 10-24-23 by 1 pm

Wal-Mart #1121-276 Remodel

Milledgeville, GA

207,498 Existing SF; 30,000 RM SF

Bids due: 10-5-23 by 1 pm

Parker’s #104 (Riverwood)

Evans, GA

5,175 SF

Bids due: 10-24-23 by 1 pm